Remembering 6th Annual IPD 2020

To be Indigenous, to honor our ancestors and our incredibly resilient DNA means we have the responsibility to defend our right to exist at all cost. It’s pretty simple we are mothers and fathers, we are sisters and brothers, we are daughters and we are sons, we are relatives and all we want is to […]

Everyday is Indigenous Peoples Day

By: Laura Medina There once was a time I felt my identity never mattered. Being young I needed it affirmed yet only received it on tribal holidays and powwows. My mom being apart of the generation of stolen children, why Indian Child Welfare Act exists, was determined to explore who we are together. Along the […]

Jail Killer Cop Austin Shipley for the Murder of Navajo Mother Loreal Tsingine

Austin Shipley resigned from the Winslow Police Department on Monday, Oct. 31 after an internal investigation following his shooting to death Navajo mother, Loreal Tsingine. Bordertown Justice Coalition’s statement on the resignation of Austin Shipley from Winslow PD 10/31/16 The Bordertown Justice Coalition (BTJC) applauds Austin Shipley’s resignation from the Winslow Police Department. Not only…

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