Copy of Community approach funding (1)We love our community and if you do to then lets work together.

  • Share our website and social media, as Indigenous people we are all connected and sharing our event will eventually reach all Indigenous people here in Arizona.
  • Volunteer your time, we would love to plan with you. Email to find out our next meeting and planned events to become apart of our family team.
  • Donate and/or get others to donate, money and equipment are valuable resources as it opens access to other possibilities and options. You can donate to our account or even connect with one of the organizers to make a more formal contribution.
  • ABOVE ALL —> we want to see you at this year’s Indigenous Peoples Day Arizona event 10/14/19 #IPD19 #IPDAZ

Lastly, keep following the movement by liking our Facebook page, check the website periodically, and follow our Instagram.


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