IPDAZ 2022

We are excited to announce our Indigenous Peoples Day Arizona celebration starting Sunday 10/9/22 and ending 10/10/22. We are working with original grassroots organizers of Abolish Columbus day to reconnect with the original intent and purpose behind why we celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day every year. We don’t do it just to gather and have fun, which we do, but we do it with the intention to build rhetoric and content to encourage all people to connect with their roots, their ancestors, and the community.

Because let’s be honest, genocide never ended, assimilation never ended, and colonization is the reality for many Indigenous people on Turtle Island.

Stay tuned for updates on Instagram and Facebook.

IPDAZ Merch for Sale

We have shirts that will have you looking fresh this Indigenous Peoples Day weekend. All proceeds will go to the IPD 2022 event. For purchase please email matriarchways@gmail.com or on Instagram @Matriarch.Ways

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