Registration Links for IPD 2020

Monday the 12th of October, Indigenous Peoples Day will be virtual and held on the Zoom platform. You will have to register to get the link.

Saturday the 10th of October at 6:00 PM (MST) will be the virtual screening of Gather: The Fight to Revitalize Our Native Foodways will screen for free.

Friday the 9th of October at 6:00 PM (MST) will be the #IPD20AZ Kickoff brought to you by Voices of O’odham Students at ASU who will be presenting, #LandBack: Perspectives from O’odham Students. Must download Zoom app on smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Indigenous Peoples Day

To be Indigenous, to honor our ancestors and our incredibly resilient DNA means we have the responsibility to defend our right to exist at all cost.

It’s pretty simple we are mothers and fathers, we are sisters and brothers, we are daughters and we are sons, we are relatives and all we want is to live on the land as our ancestors intended. Our work comes out of the love we have for life, for the plants that provide oxygen, for our water sustaining us and making up nearly 70% of our bodies, for the earth that provides our foundation, for the animals that give so willingly to humans, and for the natural order.

Due to the way, the system of America was set-up, it hurt our identity and created a narrative meant to progress settler-colonialism. With our resistance and coming together as a community we are reversing those atrocities and are working on creating a world that honors Indigenous existence.

Our 6th annual celebration is bringing many community members together to provide a virtual experience during this time of social distancing.

Click to visit our Facebook Event Page

IPDAZ Merch for Sale

We have shirts and stickers that will have you looking fresh this Indigenous Peoples Day weekend. All proceeds will go to the IPD 2020 event.

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